Educational Program for 4 & 5 Yr. Olds

Learning through play and creative activities:

  • Verbal skills — able to express thoughts and ideas, tell stories, etc.
  • Color concepts — review colors and recognize color words
  • Shapes
  • Sizes — can compare objects - big/small, short, tall, wide, narrow
  • Numbers — Counting from 1 — 50 (5's until 100), recognizing numbers on the flashcards
  • Simple addition/subtraction
  • Age concepts — understand own and friend's age, youngest/oldest
  • Volume Concepts — Empty/full, more/less, deep/shallow, thin/thick etc.
  • Positional concepts — in/out, over/under, top/bottom, front/back, first/last, before/after, above/below etc.
  • Alphabetic concepts — Knows ABC's — can recognize upper and case letters — can identify letters out of sequence
  • Rhyming — can identify rhyming words/ can create rhyming words (depending on their age)
  • Writing — first and last name, numbers, upper/lower case letters, and number 1-10 (5 years old)
  • Time concepts — day/night, today/yesterday/tomorrow, this week/next week/last week
  • Initial consonant sounds — for those children who know alphabetic concepts


  • Expression through songs, finger play, nursery rhymes, stories, and dance
  • Three or four-step directions
  • More complex puzzles
  • Marching, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, walking in straight lines, and pouring without spilling.
  • Can use pencil, brush & child size scissors


  • Painting, pasting, coloring, cutting (under close supervision) etc. by using different media


  • Family members, teachers, and classmates, etc
  • Recalling objects removed from sight (visual memory)
  • Fruits, vegetables, animals, food, dental care, and exercise
  • Names of clothing and basic body parts
  • Learn simple life cycles — plants, frogs, butterflies, seeds to plants, egg to chicken, etc.


  • Manners — please/thank you, excuse me, may I
  • Share & take turns
  • Friendship — how to be a good friend
  • Follow directions/ class rules
  • Playing in groups
  • Cleaning up