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Ten Major Goals For Our Kids

  • To grow in independence- To help children to do things for themselves and to make decisions and choices.
  • To learn to give, share, and receive affection- We call that trust or bonding, and it calls for consistent and respectful caregivers.
  • To learn to get along with others- A child learns what works in groups, what taking turns means, what thinking about others means.
  • To develop self-control and self-discipline- Recent research shows a strong relationship between positive outcomes as adolescents and adults and the experience of making choices in the early childhood years.
  • To learn non-sexist human roles- Avoiding gender stereotypes is an important aspect of self-concept and self-esteem. To learn non-sexist human values means we help boys and girls to be competent in both the kitchen and the car.
  • To begin to understand their bodies- Good health practices, hygiene, and nutrition are basic aspects of the preschool experience.
  • To learn and practice large and small motor skills-
  • To begin to understand and control the physical world- We want children to be responsive to the world around them, to have an understanding of cause/effect, to be able to reason, to be curious, to find and use information.
  • To foster the development of language, both listening and speaking- The children who have lots of perceptual and sensing experiences and good adult language partners develop a richer vocabulary, more expressive language, and greater skill in communication.
  • To develop a positive feeling about their relationship to the world- To be having fun, feeling good about themselves and their experiences, and to be involved in the age-appropriate, fulfilling daily happenings at a child-centered center.